Say YES to Jute Bags….!

In the present world, most of the people are aware of the fact that plastics are extremely harmful for our earth. And a lot of people have begun to opt the substitute and eco friendly materials like jute, cotton, paper and nonwoven materials.

As a result of awareness campaigns conducted by various organizations and Government, the popularity of jute and jute like green products have increased!

Plastics are one of the main causes of different types of pollution of our environment like soil, water and air.

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Now let’s see some of the benefits of jute bags and jute made products. Take a look.

  • Air Cleansing

Jute plant helps to retain a healthy pollution free air. In the studies conducted recently, it is found that jute plant in in one hectare absorbs about 15 tons of Carbon dioxide and releases 11 tons of oxygen in air!

  • Reduce Environment Pollution

Jute bags and jute related products help to combat the environment pollution. If the manufacturing of jute bag increases on a large scale, it is going to reduce the employment of plastic bags. It will result in reduction of pollution.

Since jute is durable and eco friendly material it can be used for several times unlike plastic. If jute bags manufacturers produce enough amounts of jute bags, environment will be extremely benefitted.

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  • Won’t Affect the Natural Oil Reserve     

As a very few people know that plastic is actually manufactured from petroleum. When the nations are fighting over oil manufacturing, the use of jute bags will reduce the burden on natural oil reserve.

  • Requires Small Place to Harvest and Increases Employment

Cotton is also becoming one of the most favoured fabrics amongst users as jute. But the only difference is that jute requires a very little place to be harvested. It is a win win situation in rural areas too. Jute manufacturing provides people with the chance to work. It gives birth to more employment in rural areas. The jute products are not costly. That is why it is becoming popular gradually.

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